It is a project that matters in everyone’s lives and creates a new reality for the local and national economy, as it will further boost tourism, attract new investment to the area and generate new commercial opportunities.

Piraeus is the centre that connects the mainland with the islands. It is the port of Athens that has linked its name with the sea and the refugees from Asia Minor, tourism and the industriousness of its people, trade and entertainment, culture and history. It is synonymous with shipping and “opening up” to the five continents.

With the advent of the Metro, Piraeus is emerging as the only city that has all means of fixed rail transport available at the same time. The new Line 3 stations not only reduce the distances to the other areas of the Attica Basin, but also create a new artery that runs through the Maniatika district, the port of Piraeus and leads to the Municipal Theatre Square, a modern and yet historic landmark.

Piraeus is changing. It is becoming more sustainable and even more attractive for everyone.

"Maniatika" station
«Maniatika» station
“Piraeus” Station
«Piraeus» station
"Municipal Theatre" Station
«Municipal Theatre» station